Barr Lake RV Park – Brighton, CO

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Barr Lake RV Park is off of I-76. The Campground is close to the Prairie Center shopping with restaurants and a hospital. It’s easy access to Denver and Denver International Airport.

The campground has laundry facilities on site, 4 washers and 5 dryers. Only 3 washers can be used at the same time. I was told that there are problems with sewage backing up. playground, showers and restrooms. They also have a dump station. I do not know office hours as they are not consistent. For having 2 management staff and one maintenance personnel this park leaves a lot to be desired. There were tree branches laying all over the ground, the picnic tables old, warped and paint chipped and peeling.

There were dogs running all over the park and dog poop everywhere ( be careful where you step). It’s mostly one of the Managements large dog that’s pooping everywhere and not being picked up.

There were problems with the water being shut off without notice for several hours at a time. I called several times to report the problem, but management went home early with the maintenance guy to start day drinking again.


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