Denver West/Central City KOA – Central City, CO

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We stayed at the Denver West KOA Campground in Central City, Colorado for 1 night on 6/19/15.

I had to call the local Police Department at 2am to get a very noisy group that had been drinking all night to settle down. I was told by the office the next day that there was no manager on site that night so they couldn’t have done anything. The group drank until 3am so we got about 2 hrs sleep the whole night. I complained to Chuck the owner and asked for my money back and was told “that’s not going to happen”.

In my opinion, this is not a very safe campground for families as they get a lot of traffic off the highway and the staff has no clue what’s really going on within their campground. This only cost me $43 for a 1 night tent site!


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