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We initially contacted Durango Riverside Resort & RV Park on Tuesday, 8.16.16 after reviewing their website with additional questions not addressed on their website. We inquired if they offered a Good Sam (RV Membership Club) discount and Mary said no and offered no additional information regarding discounts.

On Saturday, 8.20.16 Emily went to the office to ask if anyone had turned in a cell phone. Emily spoke with Pam and she made note of it. Another couple came in to check in and Pam asked if the gentleman was a veteran and he stated yes. Pam then told him he was entitled to a 10% discount. When Pam had completed her transaction with the couple Emily asked about the discount as Stewart is a Vietnam Era veteran. She said we were also entitled to a 10% discount and to come back in the morning so another staff member could reverse our charges and apply the discount. Pam stated she did not know how to complete a reversal of charges.

The next morning we both went to the office/store and Mary was the attendant. We explained about the information from Pam and asked for the discount. Mary asked if Stewart had retired from the military and we said no, Emily had clarified with Pam the eligibility required to earn the discount, ie; Active, Former or Retired Stewart served 8 yrs in the Army. Mary’s body language changed and she did not seem agreeable to the discount. Behind a window a man’s voice could be heard saying he would adjust our bill the next day, Monday, 8.22.16. We thanked him and left.

To date we have received no discount and have inquired by phone and contacted our bank to assist as well. We were also charged $5 for our dog and Mary told us there were waste bag stations throughout the park but they were all empty…so what is the charge for? We would like the discount we were entitled to in addition to the $5 pet charge for supplies? It appears they have no intention of adjusting our bill and misled us to believe they would follow thru and were people of integrity.

We will no longer frequent their business…


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