K&R RV Park – Wichita, KS

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This campground is located behind a QT convenience store, next to a highway and railroad tracks. The trains come though frequently at all times of the day and night and blow their horns continually. Even with the windows shut, it got annoying when they come thru late at night and early morning.

Someone or someplace near plays music every night and we can hear the bass pounding. It has laundry facilities – 3 washers and 4 dryers. I was able to use that equipment without having to wait, however I ended up using a Laundromat down the road because the equipment damaged many of our clothes and often did not completely clean them. There are cats running around everywhere. Apparently some were pets, others were strays. If we would grill, we would have to watch our food so they wouldn’t eat it. Also, we had dogs barking during the day.

During our stay there, our satellite equipment that was outside got stolen. That was a loss of around 700.00. We spoke with the owner to see if he would either turn it in to his insurance or contribute for the replacement, but he did neither. He indicated that he has cameras throughout the park, but couldn’t see anything and said he would install more cameras, which was no benefit to us. We have skirting around our RV and underneath we keep a small fridge and other miscellaneous items. I have my laundry supplies in there and someone stole my rolling laundry cart. We also have a generator hooked up in the back, locked up in a cage. Someone cut the lock off, but fortunately they must not have had enough time to remove the generator. There’s a sign as you drive in the facility here stating that there’s no soliciting, however we had someone the other day, trying to sell us magazines.

The sites around us have sidewalks, but you have to park your RV in a combination of dirt, rock and mud. It rained quite a bit here so it was very muddy. There’s really no grass. Just weeds that don’t even get trimmed. They advertise that they have a storm shelter, however it’s only available when the manager decides to open it up. We’ve already had several severe storms and we’ve just ended up leaving to go find a store or restaurant that is safe. When I questioned her about this, she commented that tornadoes “seem to always skip over the trailer park”. On one of the RV sites, it indicated that K&R has a clubhouse, playground, sports field, horseshoes, restrooms and showers. There are none of these.

We travel throughout the US, and all of the other RV Parks we’ve stayed at, we’ve never had any issues about theft. I strongly suggest if you have to stay for more than a day, find another place. Unfortunately, my husband had to work in this area for 3 months.


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