Pine Crest RV Park – Slidell, LA

Pine Crest RV Park - Slidell, Louisiana |

We’re full-time campers and travel I-10 on a regular basis. We’ve stayed at many along I-10 and Pine Crest is one of the better ones.

It’s a beautiful park in a convenient location, less than a mile from I-10, exit 263. The staff is friendly and the rates are reasonable.

Pine Crest is very scenic, with lots of tall pine trees and a small fishing pond. The campground is very quiet. The park and it’s facilities are clean and well maintained. You’ll always see staff doing maintenance or patrolling the area.

We highly recommend Pine Crest for any RV camper, for a quick overnight stopover or a long term stay.


  1. We left this place last weekend, and thought a bit of truth was needed. Straight up, in my opinion it’s a dump! The place is a combination mobile home park and “campground” The mobile home park is largely abandoned, with about 80% of the pads empty. The campground is a wreck. It looks like they haven’t spent a dime in maintaining or upgrading the place in at least a few years. Most guests are permanent, and a few of the RVs are just one small step above shacks. We were given a very muddy site with a pile of crawfish shells dumped where our steps landed. The grassy areas are awash in dog crap and garbage. The electrical is dangerous, and at least a few decades outdated, with many of the 120 Volt 20 amp outlets lacking covers and no GFCI protection on anything. While staying there it rained violently. Our muddy site quickly turned into a pond. Zero drainage, with an RV parked in four inches of water. The best part is that the sewer connection is located below grade by a few inches, and at this point in the bottom of a pond. I pulled my hose, BEFORE dumping to survey the situation. The sewer system was full, and there was no flow into the connection. Had I attempted to dump my tanks, the lake covering my site would of been contaminated with 40 gallons of feces. As you can now see, the previous poster is correct. It is a wonderful place… TO AVOID!!!!


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