Cedar Oaks RV Resort – Grove, OK

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We are new full timers who live in a 35′ Class A and tow a 25′ car trailer with a Jeep Wrangler. We love our new lifestyle and have met so many new friends along the way and stayed at many parks we wish to return to. Cedar Oaks RV Resort, right on the shore of Grand Lake, was one of the ones we wanted to return to for a longer visit.

I called a month ago to make reservations indicating we wanted a lake front site, we are 60′ long, we have a slide on each side. I was aware of one site that would accommodate us and requested that one. I was told it was available for the week we wanted.

When we arrived at the park we were told that a mixup had occurred with a camping group and someone was in the site we requested. There was a site that we could use for 6 of the 7 nights, but there was a reservation starting the seventh day. We were assurred that there was a lake front site in another area that would accommodate us for the 7th night. We checked in agreeing to the condition that we would be provided a suitable lake front site for the 7th night.

We checked at the office yesterday to see if the site they planned to move us to was available for three nights. We felt our stay would be more enjoyable if we didn’t have to move for a night and leave the next day. We were moved to the alternative site and it did NOT accommodate our unit. We barely fit, our living/dining slide was hindered by our neighbors yard art, we could not extend our awning because of a tree, the tree hindered fully opening our door.

I told the managers I didn’t see why we had to move at all, we didn’t make the reservation error, they did. We had a reservation, why did the people coming on Sunday have a reservation that was to be honored and our reservation wasn’t being honored. There was not an acceptable explanation and I requested that we be refunded our money as there was no acceptable site available to us.

We paid at a weekly rate. I understand when refunds are granted that daily rate is charged but I feel that Cedar Oaks RV made inaccurate representation of (1) a reservation for a lake front site was avilable that would accommodate us and (2) apparently there are two types of reservations — ones that are honored and ones that aren’t. I feel to make things right, they should have pro-rated the weekly rate. Had we known they would not keep their word we would have stayed somewhere else and paid weekly rates. Maybe this is expecting too much from Cedar Oaks, but fair is fair, a reservation for a specific site is a reservation, and a promise of a suitable site is a promise.

The manager kept saying we were causing a problem by requesting to move two days earlier than necessary, but it would have made no difference, we still would not have fit on the seventh day!

Anyone thinking about staying at this Good Sam park with a big rig may want to think twice.


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