Bentsen Palm RV Park – Mission, TX

Bentsen Palm RV Park |

Bentsen Palm RV Park is a very highly rated campground by all the usual: Good Sam, TL, etc. We found it to be beautifully landscaped and very clean. There’s a large dog park and a nearby birding park which added to our interest.

We found this to be a mostly motor home/giant 5th wheel park of winter Texans who appeared to come for the whole season each year. There wasn’t much room for newcomers–social circles are pretty tight.

The thing that we liked least is not the park’s fault, but an issue for us. The park is very close to the border and Border Patrol helicopters flew at night frequently awakening us, back and forth. The newspaper was full of stories about shootings and there were tales in the park of having to go to the movie theater in the am so as to avoid your truck being stolen.

I suppose if you wanted to stay within the gates, wear ear plugs to bed, and venture out only in groups during the daylight this isn’t a problem. We like the Tex-Mex culture a lot–but this patch of ground seems to be under seige.


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