Diamond B Campground – Weatherford, TX

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Where to begin… this campground is outdated.

As pipeliners we moved in late at night during Hurricane Patricia because our intended campground didn’t take people moving in after 6pm. We got set up enough to get some sleep. The next morning we were immediately bombarded by strangers who are full time residents. They had a million and one questions and all we wanted to do was finish getting our sight set up and get ready to make our test the next day.

Yes they have free wifi here however there’s also a hacker that was hacking into people’s phones and computers that were connected to the campgrounds wifi. Use at your own risk. The lady Loretta that claims to be the owner that we didn’t trust to give our rent to also she was constantly leaving rude notes on people’s doors, constantly going over an messing with people’s property when they weren’t there, harassing the male tenants we worked with, and asking for information about you that only someone who was trying to steal your identity would need.

Jim is the manager who you would want to deal with. If you have dogs make sure to watch out for them as their are several dogs that constantly roam around unattended by permanent residents and from the trailer park across the street. Cops were in and out at all hours of the night. Cops pounding on our door at all hours of the night asking where permanent residents were. We didn’t associate with the permanent residence because of all the stuff that was constantly going on here. This place isn’t a place we would recommend to anyone to stay at if you’re pipelining or vacationing.



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