Lake Somerville State Park, Nails Creek Unit – Ledbetter, TX

Lake Somerville State Park |

Just before the pandemic started closing things down, we stayed a weekend at this state park. It started raining about an hour after we got parked, and it stopped raining about an hour before we left (both of which made the hitch/unhitch process a little more pleasant, to be sure!).

We had a lovely, quiet weekend, surrounded by trees and the sounds of rain and wildlife. There was a female cardinal who kept pecking at our trailer’s windows, but it was amusing, rather than irritating. The nice thing about the campsite we stayed at is that it (like other nearby sites) are surrounded by trees; you cannot see anything “out there” but the road in front of your site. It’s like having your own little park! The spot is spacious, if you want to pitch a tent for the kids or a friend, with a ground fire-ring with grilling grate, and a picnic table and lantern hook.

We didn’t get to the lake, or any of the other features of this park, because of the weather, but it was a lovely, relaxing, decompressing stay for us anyway. We definitely plan to go back!


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