Wichita Falls RV Park – Wichita Falls, TX

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When we get rain in Wichita Falls, this place floods.

Also… the maintenance man at this park was very violent to us. During a recent flood, I went to see if I could help a friend move out. Unfortunately, the park was already closed however, I was unaware of this as there was not a barrier or sign posted at the time I drove in, saying the park was closed. Had a barrier or sign been up, I would not have driven in. I pulled back to the office and the maintenance man came walking towards me, raising his arm and shaking his fist in anger. Since he did not appear interested in a conversation, I threw it in reverse and began driving away, trying to get to the exit. At the end of this road, I made a left turn instead of a right. When I realized I made a wrong turn, I did a u-turn to go back the other direction. From out of nowhere, the maintenance man showed up, waving his fist in the air again and hollering at me. I attempted to pull forward. He pounded his fists on the hood of my car. I backed up, tried moving over to the left to get away from him. He did the same thing and pounded his fists on my car, refusing to let me pass through. I lurched forward anyway, almost hitting him. He jumped out of the way and I gunned it, trying to get out of there. As I made my way past him, he pounded his fists on my driver’s side door window. Then he kicked the back driver’s door several times and left scuff marks.

I tried repeatedly for a month to get the owners to read my complaint and get the scuff marks fixed. Because I have known the owners for a long time, I certainly expected them to be responsible and do the right thing but it appears they refuse to accept responsibility. Looking back, I should have called the police. I did not do so because my friend who lives at this property is the son of the owners. He agrees with me about the maintenance man and is a liability to this business. I’d recommend everyone stay away from here because of this employee. His name is Peter.


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