Cypress Campground and RV Park – Winter Haven, FL

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Just an average place to stay, nothing very remarkable except the price. Recent changes may disappoint returning campers.

This park is located within driving distance of many central Florida attractions, and has basic amenities like a pool and a clubhouse. It is not located on any type of water feature for boating or fishing. The playground is about the size of a backyard play gym. There is an unmanned gated entry/exit which requires a code to get in. It is frequently broken and just left open. Access is easy, but exiting is difficult. To leave West bound requires you to go East and make a U-turn.

During ‘season’ there are many planned activities like day trips and day cruises, bi-weekly bingo, group exercise and craft activities, and live entertainment. In the off season, there will be a BBQ or Pot Luck on major holidays, but nothing else. WiFi is included, but access is spotty. Basic cable is also included. Fires are not allowed. There is a fenced area for dogs to run and a bench for the owners under a big tree.

This is the highest priced park in a 15 mile radius for comparable amenities. The only thing it offers which the others do not is that it is next door to a 24 hour Wal-Mart. On their website, at the bottom of the rates page it states, “Rates are subject to change without notice.” Take that line seriously! I assumed it to mean that the rates might go up and the website not be updated, so I should call to make sure. I called in and made a reservation in January to arrive in June. When I arrived, my space was available, but the rate had gone up. I said to the office lady that my understanding of a reservation (such as those I have made at hotels and other campgrounds) was that it guaranteed both the space and the rate. She told me, “We are not a hotel.” I had to pay the higher rate. I am very unhappy about the tone in which I was spoken to, the demeaning attitude treating me as though I were asking for special treatment, and the overall unfairness of the situation. An office staff member (when I stated the date and amount of my deposit) said to me, “Well, your lucky it wasn’t more. It usually is more than that.” I didn’t ask for a discount. I paid the amount I was quoted, and she treated me like I was a free-loader. Very insulting! Be careful when dealing with these people.


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