Fiesta Key KOA – Long Key, FL

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Fiesta Key KOA is located at MM 70 and long-rumored to be sold for condo development. We returned here for one night on the way home from Key West (we stayed here for a week last year before Christmas), and while scenic, this is a campground whose transitional status makes it an unpleasant place to camp, with some caveats.

They’re not booking or people aren’t coming, so there’s a lot of open sites and open space now. Plus the camp store has closed and moved to the smaller marina store, where 50 percent off clearance sales make some items very affordable. Last year, we stayed by the water ($110 a night) and stayed next to this rude family from Michigan (with their over-leveraged-equity-credit Class A, with clunky Buick-y tow car and obnoxious Christmas snowball item in front of their RV, and two terribly behaved teens making noise all hours of the day). Well, sad to report, there they were in the same spot! Then on a visit to the pool, there was no supervision (b/c the KOA is closing, and the staff has been cutback severely), and the obnoxious teens dive all over the pool trying to impress the midwest jailbait. In one case, a boy literally punched another boy in the face right in front of us all (about 50 people there) and no one did anything.

Then there was the Ohio contractor (with his home-siding quality trailer and dump/pickup truck) parked next to us who began complaining (while I tried to set-up) about KOA and how they put us in an adjoining site. Within an hour of listening to this ridiculous tirade, he had pulled his second vehicle into our site (since we have no tow vehicle). No staff said anything about this and complaining about this incursion into our site was futile, since we were only overnighting it.

This is a beautiful campground and the hitherto large staff has previously kept the Ohio/Michigan/western PA carny types in check, but, sadly, the place is now overrun with trash and KOA Corporate (this is a major moneymaking KOA campground, owned by the corporate holding company) is just trying to suck as much money out of it from unsuspecting good campers, who expect better from KOA.

Also, still no wireless. Why can’t all the KOAs get wifi routers and offer free WiFi? This place is supposed to close in May, and from the look of it (i.e., all the permanent type travel trailers that held the earlier staff have been pulled out), we’d say this KOA is almost history. At this point, good riddance.


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