Harbor Belle RV Resort – Punta Gorda, FL


I would not recomment staying at Harbor Belle RV Resort.

This is a privately owned RV park. The owners have basically closed all the facilities in this park while we were there. We have two clubhouses. One basically for books, puzzles, videos, exercise equipment and group activists. The other is a large clubhouse for dinners, park gatherings and dinners with live music. All this recent closed. The facilities were open for about one month since covid started. They refused to open the facilities after the Governor opened the state and opened them for a few weeks after requiring everyone who wanted to use the facilities sign a document from their lawyers saying we would not sue them if contacting covid.

We currently have the pool open limited to 5 people the hot tub 4 people. Rent is around $620 a month and is raised by at least $50 a year.

If you want a place just to stay without any activities, this is it. The location is close to the harbor and clean. living in lockdown in an open state!