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Riptide RV Park and Motel, Key Largo, FL

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I have been coming to Riptide RV Park for 2 years now for the summer.  It’s very enjoyable and very cozy. Everyone here is very friendly and kind including the guests that stay in the park as well.

What I also like about this park is that everyone knows everyone so its like one big happy family and everyone just gets along so well.  My favorite part about this place is the view of the water, almost all the sites are very close to the eater, and during the sunset, you can see how beautifully the sun sets quickly into the horizon.

The beach and the water here is amazing and very relaxing. Also the sites are totally hooked up and the park even has wi-fi for thos that are working and need internet.

Overall its a very nice enviornment and I definetly recommend it to everyone!

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  1. After reading the review of this park and after staying there, I can’t believe it is the same place. We stayed here a few nights out of desperation to find a place and although the people are very friendly, the park itself is tiny, you are on top of everyone, there are NO amenities, no pool, no beach only a boat ramp, one washer and dryer, one bathroom which is used for campers and those staying in small motel. Parking a large rig was an experience! There is no room to maneuver at all. We would never stay here again.

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