Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park – Live Oak, FL

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In December, 2014, I spent a weekend with a group of friends at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.

Friday and Saturday nights were noisy with young people playing music very loud and running golf carts with gasoline engines way into the morning hours while people were trying to sleep. Technically these vehicles are not golf carts but ATVs and by the campgrounds own rules, should not be allowed. There was one individual from security who took our complaints seriously, while the rest of the staff, office staff included, seemed not to care one bit. In my opinion, the office staff and management were for the most part – rude and uncooperative.

The facilities were dirty. There was no picnic table for any of us to use. No fire pits, but I could see where previous campers had just built a fire in the grass. There were fire ants, which I called the park and asked them to address, but seeing as how nothing was done, it was fortunate I brought my own fire ant bait. They did pick up trash if you left it by the road.

Because of the general lack of concern, the only recourse available was to leave an unfavorable review.

Unfortunately, camping facilities in this area is limited, so if you plan on staying there, beware.


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