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Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park – Live Oak, FL


Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park is located just outside of Live Oak, Florida. What a disappointment it was to camp there over the 2006 Memorial Day weekend. We had really bad power problems. Most of the time our voltage meter in our camper was reading way below 100 volts. A/C units were contently tripping breakers. We cut all of our breakers off and only left the A/C & refrigerator breaker on to allow the A/C to run long enough to cool the camper down. Also had to run the refrigerator on gas the whole time. We would wake up 3 & 4 times a night and have to get up to reset breakers.

Day time outside temp was 90 plus. We asked other campers in the park and everybody was having the same problem. Other campers at the park including ones out of our group would go to the office and complain and the office personal acted like they were not aware of any problems. We even called the office one time and spoke to office personal and she said that she would send the maintenance man over to check. But the maintenance man never showed up. We called another time and spoke to another office personal. This time they did send the maintenance man to our site. He said that there are to many campers on one box and that the park needs to be re-wired. He also said during the Country Jam in April they burned up several breaker boxes due the overload.

Also during our weekend stay the park lost water pressure. They said that they were having problems with their well and was hoping to have it repaired as soon as possible.

The cable TV is now not working. The cable is there in each spot but none of it works and the park is so wooded you cannot use a portable dish, this is bad when you really want to watch the races!

Also, during this busy weekend there was no trash pickup in the park the whole weekend. Trash piled up around the garbage cans and really started to stink and draw flies.

There was very little to no supervision by park personal. Golf carts being operated by minors and driven the wrong way on the roads causing traffic problems. Most of the personal at the park were not friendly and had no concern about problems that we were having. Got up the morning to leave and decide get things packed up and go to the SOS Caf? there at the park to have breakfast before we left. We walked in the front door of the SOS Caf? around 9:00 am and the lady at the register looked up at us and said ?We?ve stopped serving breakfast for today? before we even said a word. The trip prior to this one they ran out of eggs. which they informed us after we sat there for 30 minutes waiting.

This Park has really gone downhill in the last year since the new managers took over. Staff at the park and the SOS Caf? acted like they really don?t care about anything. We have really enjoy this park over the past years. We’ve notice the pass few times that it seem the park was going down hill, but after this weekend we will not recommend this park to anyone again and our group won?t be going back. It’s shame that such a nice park is now not worth going to. As the old saying goes. “All good things must come to an end”. It’s time to find something better.

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