Suwannee River Rendezvous Resort – Mayo, FL

Suwannee River Rendezvous |

Suwannee River Rendezvous Resort is a beautiful place to camp. Convict Springs has history connected with it. There is a lot to do here, Kayaks, and Canoes for rent however most of it is on weekends. They have trips floating down the river. It sounds like fun.

The park is very large, and located right on the Suwannee river. There are 3 sections. The upper one is pretty level, with almost all paved roads and gravel sites with a lot of pull through sites. All the trees are very small, with virtually no shade. It would be really hot in the summertime. The lower section, which is the older area is sand roads and sites. There are many trees and lots of shade.

The lot we were in, #47 was almost level side to side, but not at all lengthwise. With our trailer, front to back wasn’t a problem, and a board under the wheels on the low side fixed the side to side. We have stayed at worse. Along the riverbank there are what appears to be areas for tents. It would be fun to camp in a tent along the banks of such a famous river.

It is very quiet. No Highway noise from anywhere.

Suwannee River Rendezvous Resort is about 6 miles to the nearest town, Mayo, so bring supplies. The nearest Walmart is Live Oak, Fl. Maybe 30 miles away. We had lunch at The Mayo Cafe. in Mayo, Fl. about 6 miles away. It is a smörgåsbord, and not bad. Check your plates and silverware.

On the Plus side:
The people in the office are very friendly and helpful. It has a restaurant/diner open weekends, Friday through Sunday only. The office is on the river and has a large lodge. It’s nice. There are video games, TV, Book Swap, and they have a small store with a few essentials. There is a playground. There is a large Dog Park with 3 sections . It is a nice one, but the only place in the whole RV park with doggy a bag container, and when I was there the container was empty.

To get to the campground you must navigate a, dusty road. The check in office is a long way from the sites, especially the upper ones. There is a parking lot for RVs at the upper area. It’s not possible to drive to the office with your RV, unless you have a very small one or are good at backing up. They recommend you go to your site and get set up then go to the office and check in.

Although they spend a lot of time cleaning the park, not much seems to be spent repairing stuff. Our site (47) had 2 power receptacles, each in a different place. The post where the water and one electric is located is rotten in the ground and about to fall over. The restrooms in the lower section are clean, but old and badly in need of paint. There is no cable in the lower section. Our phone service was marginal. There is no Wifi there, and even when I walked to where I could get a signal, (right next to the office) I couldn’t get a connection. I tried in the upper section, and I could connect, but couldn’t hold a connection long enough to do anything. Virtually no TV over the air. Got one station (3 channels) from the college in Gainesville. Gasoline in Mayo is about 20 cents more expensive than anywhere else.

Bottom line:
We will come back. It is a beautiful place to get away. The people are friendly and helpful. There are lots of areas to walk. Following the riverbank was fun. I’m not much good with canoes, and have never been in a kayak, but sounds like fun for those youngsters who do. Weekends there is a lot going on.


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