Jekyll Island Campground – Jekyll Island, GA

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Jekyll Island Campground is nice, very nice, but there are a few things you should consider before you go. Plan on a half-hour drive from I-95. There are lots of places to get gas and camping supplies on this part of the trip. Just follow the signs to Jekyll Island, once the lair of the super rich robber-barons, who had a private railroad to the island. Their “summerhouses” were sometimes even called “cabins,” (which is a laugh because you could fit ten of our places into one of theirs), are still there to visit. The island charges you a few bucks for parking, even if you’re paying for parking at the campground.

The campground is filled with trees, and backing-in can be something you have to concentrate on. We got a two-way hookup near the campground entrance. Here’s the biggest problem there… if it’s spring or early summer, the bugs are literally blood-sucking horrors! We splashed two different kinds of bug repellant on us but could baely get hooked up without being painfully bitten/stung/whatever. We tried to walk to the beach, and our smaller dog was literally bleeding on his legs from the bites. We ran back to the van for tv and a cold drink. The next morning, I went running with both dogs and for some reason, the mornings are bug-free.

The walk to the beach is about a half-mile, and there’s a good spot for fishing, and there’s miles of running on the beach and for most of it we were alone. Incredible sights too! Tree stumps sitting on black-sand beaches! Very Ansel Adams-ish. It’s a nice place to visit, and if we had the money and were of that age, we’d stay there for a month in the early winter/late fall.


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