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Over 13 years of full timing and never have we experienced such blatant false advertising like we did at this park. The pictures they feature must be years or even decades old!

Let’s start with what the owners advertise.

1 – BIG RIG FRIENDLY. Not even a little bit! First you better not miss the entrance. If you happen to pass the turn into the park be prepared to have to unhook your tow vehicle and back up. There is no way to turn around. Once you get turned onto the very narrow lane leading into the park hold on to your seat you are in for a bumpy ride. Between the speed bumps that are not marked and blend into the road and countless pot holes throughout the entire park your rig will be rocking and rolling. Once you finally make it to your spot watch out for the 4 ft posts that are on the corner of every patio. Not only do these posts make it hard to pull in you need to make sure your slides will clear them as well. Another wonderful feature of these high priced *premium* sites is that your neighbors electric, water, and yes, sewer hookups are ON YOUR patio!! I also hope you don’t mind a dirty coach. We experienced both the dry dust that is constantly flying whenever anyone drives by and also the massive mud holes that splash everywhere when it rains. You have two options for sites. Full sun and a somewhat level *ish* site or shade and not even close to level sites. The shaded sites have many trees that are constantly dropping pine cones, acorns and dead branches. There was a travel trailer with an entire tree across the roof that we were told had fallen in the last storm. The *premium* sites are so close together that your neighbors slides hang over your patio. The roads throughout the park are in such bad shape there is no way anyone with limited mobility or a disability can safely navigate the rocks and potholes. There are no walking paths or trails within the park to go from one area to another so you must walk on the roads.

2 – FREE WiFi, yes technically they do have WiFi but they fail to mention that you must sit on the porch at the front of the office to pick up signal. Also an employee mentioned that we are only allowed to briefly check our email while connected to their WiFi. While on the front porch we also noticed many, many packages. All of the campers packages were just left sitting out in the elements and free for anyone to take. I would take caution if getting any mail delivered while staying here as we witnessed several people just walking up and taking boxes with no one verifying that they were the actual intended recipient.

3 – LAUNDRY FACILITIES . Very, very dated and in need of a complete overhaul as in tear down and rebuild. Access to building is a little treacherous for us older folks and there are steps up to the 3 washers and 3 dryers. All six machines are well beyond needing replaced. There is no change machine and good luck catching someone actually in the office to get quarters.

4 – FISHING. There is a small pond at the entrance of the park. It’s only a few feet deep, full of turtles and very, very small crappie. It’s catch and release so again technically there is fishing but should be listed as children’s practice fishing. It’s defiantly not the lazy afternoon siting and fishing we were hoping for.

5 – POOL. That is exactly it. There is a pool with a concrete deck surrounded by a chain link fence. Everything about the pool and pool area is very old and in need of serious TLC. There is no shade, the only seating is one dilapidated bench and a table with no chairs. There is no public restroom so if you need to use the bathroom hopefully you are not staying on the other side of the park. Also the only dumpster in the entire park is located next to the pool. It was overflowing with trash and trash all around it on the ground the entire time we were there. The smell of hot trash wafting through the park is not anything I wish to experience again.

6 – CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND. To be honest I’m not sure how this playground can even be allowed. It’s in disrepair and looks to be a major safety hazard. I know if I had small children they would not be allowed anywhere near the entire play area.

7 – PET FRIENDLY. We were told that our dog was not allowed to use the bathroom on the grass at our site because it would kill the grass. We were also informed for *safety* reasons we were not allowed to keep our 5 lb dog on the patio with us in a portable play yard. There are many cats freely roaming the park and love to leave paw prints all over your tow vehicle.

So to sum up our stay at this very over priced campground only one word comes to mind, disappointment!!

In hindsight I wish I would of taken photos but leaving a review never crossed my mind, we are just not those type of people I guess, but upon our departure the owners asked us to please leave a positive review because they have been receiving many negative reviews lately. They also shared with us that they actively try to get negative reviews removed from different sights. The thought of that just didn’t sit well with us so we decided to tell about our experience. I hope that this review stays up long enough that others like us don’t make the mistake of looking at pretty pictures on their sight and are sorely disappointed when they arrive.


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