Apollo RV Park – Concord, NC

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Apollo RV Park is satisfactorily clean park. Which is the best I can say about it.

While I was setting up my campsite, I heard a terrified dog screeching and yelping. I looked, and a running-loose large pit bull was attacking a Chijuajua. The Chijuajua was with the owner, on a leash. The attack lasted several minutes before the pit bull owner, who lived in a Park Model trailer, could get his vicious dog under control.

Since I have several smaller, gentile family pet dogs, I was concerned about their safety. I went to the office and requested another site. This request was denied by the owners. The owners said I should keep my dog under control. I tried to explain that the dog which had been attacked (and injured) Was under control, but a fighting pit bull was not. The owners told me to stop backtalking. The male owner added, “You can get your happy ass out of here right now, but no refunds.”

Later, another of the owners offered me half of my rental back as a refund if I left immediately. I declined that offer. No action was taken against the owner of the pit bull.

I suggest that this park is NOT SAFE for persons with pets or small children. The owners have a very poor attitude regarding the safety of guests and their property.


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