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High Rock Lake Marina and Campground – Lexington, NC


High Rock Lake Marina and Campground is a great family campground. The staff is friendly and the facilities are clean. They also provide FREE cable and wireless internet! The park offers a pool, boat ramp, boat rentals, and a snack bar… you need it they got it!

We spend our entire vacation there every year! The kids love it and so do we. High Rock Lake has 365 miles of shoreline. It’s the 2nd largest lake in North Carolina. They are located in Lexington, in the heart of NASCAR country! Call the for a reservation 800-382-3239!

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  1. Jackie Foulks says

    My husband and I bought our first RV and wanted to go somewhere close, which this is located about 1.5hrs away. The first time we tried the location it was a great experience and my mother and sister booked cabins for a family weekend for a future stay. The second time we booked hubby and I were still impressed with this location and I dealt with the same lady each time short with glasses very nice no issues.

    Third trip this past weekend we met I would assume the other set of owners, which in my opinion are very rude. I have several examples to showcase they shouldn’t be in customer service.

    First incident: My sister and I checked in and she mentioned renting a boat for a half day on Saturday, the husband owner behind us stated “Not going to happen” we both looked at him as we checked in and it was stated from a younger guy that was checking us in- yea all the boats are booked.

    Second incident: I had called about taking my new golf cart, the lady owner stated the only way is to add the location to my insurance, had to have a medical reason with a sticker and only the medical person could be rode on the golf cart. We decided not to take it even though it had 100K worth of insurance and we had 2 handicap individuals in our party. As we leave the store, I noticed many golf carts running around and I stated I was told I couldn’t bring mine unless it was medically needed. Corey stated, “Yea only the permanent sites are allowed golf carts. Which I found very strange as kids and adults were all over golf carts (at least 10 different carts) not sure how children and other adults just out joy riding with no handicap stickers was medically necessary on permanent sites. Basically 2 different rules with 2 different meanings.

    Third incident: My sister went to the office and stated the air condition wasn’t cooling if they could check it as the door was open. The lady owner, “In a harass voice “Well that’s why its not cooling you have the door open”, my sister stated no I’m stating the door is not locked you can go in an check at your convenience. The lady stated well you need to be clear with your direction.

    Fourth incident: Corey came by on a golf cart after checking my sister’s cabin on the air issue and stated it was frozen and to turn it down and then back to 70 after it defrosts, I stated in a southern picking way it would of been great if I could of brought my golf cart to ride back and forth to the cabins. He said sorry rules are rules and left. Within 5 minutes the husband and wife owners came by our site on their golf cart and stated I understand you have a problem very loudly, I said excuse me, He said I understand you have a problem with the golf cart rules, I stated first off I was picking with Corey that it would of been nice if I could of brought my golf cart, but I was only picking, He said well he didn’t take it that way and if you don’t like
    the rules you know what you can do. I stated yes, you are correct.

    Fifth incident: I was sitting at the table in my RV and a dog had broken his chain and the man owner was on his golf cart pushing the dog from side to side down the street sometimes almost hitting him. I found this behavior ridiculous as he could of picked up the chain and escorted the dog beside the golf cart to the owner. This was inappropriate behavior toward and animal.

    Sixth incident: Sunday we are packing up to leave and my husband handed me the cable cord to take back to the office. When I walked in the short lady with the glasses was there and I stated I haven’t seen you all weekend and she said I haven’t see you either with a nice smile. The other female owner looked at me and rolled her eyes. I couldn’t believe how rude she could be in such a public forum.

    As you can see from the examples the behavior was very telling of how the owners are not respectful of customers and rude. We even spoke to several sites as we like to talk to others when camping and each site talked about how rough and mean they could be at times.

    They will never have to worry about me booking again after this past weekend as I would never give money to rude people when I know there are plenty of other campgrounds who would enjoy my hospitality and family values. Glad they are established enough to not worry about how they treat others and can continue renting to people who may not know about the lack of customer service.

    Hope this post is helpful.

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