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Although this campground looks nice when entering, the management at this facility ruin the pleasure of staying in Chattanooga. The managers/owners do not show respect for their campers, when presented with any sort of a conflict, they do not show any interest in finding a resolution, but only put their own initiatives and desires above anything and everything else.

I observed the owner to be confronted by two other campers that had complaints, and were handled rudely and unjustly, with management ultimately walking off from the individuals, with no consideration of making them happy or content. This also happened with our group. Prices are high for the sites, outside wood is not allowed, and the camper must pay $5/small bag of wood if they want a campfire, outside visitors must pay $4 per vehicle PLUS $3 per person to enter if not camping, swimming pool is only open 10am to 4pm, and management is obsessed with controlling the entire environment of the campground, including the bathrooms. Truly ridiculous and we’ll never stay at this facility again.


  1. The management here take pride in their property. The facilities are excellent and extremely clean. We had no concern for destruction and mess caused by irresponsible campers.

  2. Just a note to let the world of RVers know that this campground has not changed. When owners were questioned about fee charged for vistors the confrintation started and we were told we had 30 minutes to pack up and get out of campground or police would be called. we left, found another koa at exit 315 on I-75 and were treated great at this one. Many years of rving and never was treated this way.

  3. sounds like Kamperjan has a personal interest in this campground. She is only one of two favorable reviews that I can find from a couple of hours of searching reviews and this one is oddly familiar to the other one written at about the same time. Interesting!

  4. Hi Ross,

    You are such a deep thinker…thank you so much for your wonderful insight! No, actually we had just had lunch at a local restaurant in town and they were on their way home and we wanted them to see how cute the cabin was that we were staying in…so much for that though b/c what happened upon their arrival was insane – bottom line is that the owner who obviously is in no way customer service oriented was WAY out of line to resort to his tactics of physically throwing a water bottle at my husband who did nothing to him but ask for our pre paid money back for the remaining nights…I do not think that that was too much to ask considering what we were put through…would you want to sleep w/ your family in a cabin where the owner was incredibly rude to you? Anyway, he resorted to a physical attack which no matter how you look at it is not acceptable. As far as “visitor fees” no problem w/ paying the fees but after finding out that they would be charged $8 dollars for them to spend literally 5 minutes there we decided they would just go – this is what was occuring when the owner decided to become rude with us – there was no reason for it – they were LEAVING. Oh well, some people are not able to be reasoned with and unfortunately the owner is one. I am glad you have been camping over 20 years – so have I and I have NEVER been treated this way and I would like others to be aware also. It has nothing to do with the money it has to do with the unacceptable way were treated. Now does that make more sense to you?


  5. Christy,

    Come on… your parents were just going to look at the cabin and then immediately leave? They weren’t going to stay for a while and chat? Maybe have some lunch? Sounds like they were visitors to me. Your parents don’t have to use the facilities to be visitors. Every park we’ve camped in (over 20 years) has visitors fees. Fess up and pay the fee.

  6. WOW – we just had a awful experience there a couple weeks ago also! The male owner ended up physically throwing his water bottle at my husband and threatening him due to us asking for a refund for the pre paid remaining nights – we were not going to stay there any longer after being talked to very rudely by the owner. We were having a nice time there as a family until the owner lost his temper over trying to charge my parents $4 per person to just see the cabin we were staying and in and leaving; they were not using any amenities and when we found out he was charging $4 per person they agreed to go ahead and leave – this was when he became belligerent and rude and we were not going to stay under these circumstances. The KOA did refund our money but going through this situation was not worth it. Campers beware – the owner is not customer oriented nor friendly; we will NEVER be back to that location.

  7. Well…I must eat my hat. While the comments I made previously are true, there has not been much improvement on the owners attitude towards campers. In May of 06 I was an employee here, and I was blinded. I did not truly see how awful and rude these 2 people are. They don’t want to keep this campground. It has been for sale for quite a while, not as a campground but as property for them to profit off of. No wonder they could give a rat’s a$$ about campers. If you need a nice, friendly place to stay whether it’s overnight or longer, there are plenty of campgrounds along the I75 corridor.
    Stay clear of this one! Unless you want 2 disgruntled owners in your face.

  8. Seems sad that you had a bad experience. I thouroughly enjoy this campground. Nestled in the mountains in Northern Georgia, it is beautiful! There are plenty of clean bathrooms and showers that are new and very clean, a brand new laundry facility, also very clean, and a beautifully laid out park with lots of trees and level sites with free cable tv and wireless internet, or free DSL or dial up in the landry room The owners are strict with campground rules, there have been some changes since your visit, thanks to camper comments. You can bring your own firewood, but it\’s not advertised as such. All campground rules are posted on the back of your site maps. If you follow the rules, no problem. The owners run this immaculately clean campground, professionally and with a curtious manner. This is an award winning campground! Make your reservations today, there is a lot to do, being so close to Chattanooga. A wonderful vacation spot, or a good stop off I75 to rest for a night or 2.


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