Dallas Pike Campground – Triadelphia, WV


Dallas Pike Campground is located off Exit 11 on Interstate 70 in West Virginia. They have a permanent section and a temporary section. The front permanent section looks easy to get into and is close to the office. The temporary section is up the hill and very cumbersome to drive to, rutted road. Let’s say, I held my breath.

The manager was very nice and led in front of me to show me which spots I could choose from. The temporary area is quite rustic, despite having full hookups. Lots of trees, great shade. Sites are far from being level. The sites were so unlevel, let’s just say, I didn’t even bother putting down my stablizers. I had trouble with my cable connection, wouldn’t work. So, the owner and someone in the next spot over helped to get it working. Let’s just say, you don’t want to know how they got it working.

The manager knew I was traveling alone and didn’t have a tow car and said if I needed anything, they would get it for me. The manager is willing to do anything to help you out. I thought that $32 was a bit pricey, but this may be average for this area, and since it was July 4th time, beggars can’t be choosers. The manager told me that a shopping area was about half a mile away, but I didn’t check this out. I just stayed put in my RV for three days, after holding my breath to get up the rutted road. The manager said it’s ok to unhook and go in and out if needed. This is ok for an overnight, but wouldn’t use if for a destination. It was pretty quiet during my stay.


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