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Juniper Ridge RV Resort – Show Low, AZ


I recommend that you pass this one by. Sunday 6/17/07 I submitted a reservation request online at their website. When I hadn’t gotten a confirming email by Tuesday I called them. The woman I talked to said she would check on it and call me back. When she hadn’t called me back in 2 hours I called her. She was “out to lunch” and would call me back. She called me back with a curt, “No one has made that reservation.” After a bit more conversation with her I decided I didn’t need to put up with additional rudeness and would find another park. She then hung up on me. Thursday I got a call stating they had received an email from me. When I told her I didn’t like the rudeness I experienced, she hung up on me too. Pass this Voyager resort by!!!

  1. Lowell Prather says

    I manage 24 lots for rent at Juniper ridge Resort. There are also Bank owned lots and lot owned by home owners for sale at Juniper Ridge. 480 694-6431


    1. Elna Becker says

      We need a unit for 2 weeks in July. We need the week before the Olympics and the week of the Olympics. I believe that Linda Stone urn er said it was the 2nd week of July.

  2. Joel Taylor says

    My wife and I just became owners of a motorhome. We are curious about the fees that we would have to pay if we bought a property at Juniper Ridge. We would appreciate any information you could share. Thanks

  3. Sandi says

    We will be in AZ in January and will stay until April. This is our first winter in the southwest. We are from NH. Is Juniper Ridge available for a two week stay and how would we get a weekly rate? This could become an annual stop for us. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

  4. June says

    I suggest checking photos on the Juniper Ridge Resort website. The community has miles of smiles.

  5. George Greenly says

    With regards to Katie’s comments of May 16 2011, i.e., “after the mile down a dusty road to be treated like a pest, all we were left with was relief when we pulled back onto pavement and were able to put the place behind us.”

    There are no dusty roads in or out of Juniper Ridge RV Resort and Country Club in Show Low, Arizona. All roads in and out of the resort are paved (and not dusty) as are all the roads within the resort. I know this because I am a homeowner here at Juniper Ridge Resort in Show Low.

    I opine Katie and whomever was driving had a long day on the road and were not really sure where they were. They were not at Juniper Ridge Resort in Show Low, AZ!

  6. Katie says

    We did a one night stay there. We got there late and didn’t see where to register for a late arrival. It’s shoulder season and the park was very empty- maybe three or four full timers at most. We had our lab out in the common area, playing with him. (again NO ONE was there) Out comes a golf cart driven by a young woman, no greeting beyond, “so you got in really late last night” followed by a bit of a tirade about how we should have gone inside the building to register. If there are clear instructions telling you do do so, we didn’t see them.
    She was rude. Really and truly, “hospitality” and Juniper RV park will never be words we’re likely to put in the same sentence. In the end, after the mile down a dusty road to be treated like a pest, all we were left with was relief when we pulled back onto pavement and were able to put the place behind us.

  7. Jim says

    This is one of the best RV parks in the US. After traveling around and staying in parks in 48 states. I have not found one that will top this one. We now spend the summers at Juniper Ridge and love it. You can own or rent your lot which is great. Try it you will love it.

  8. Rose says

    If you pass this place by, you’re making a big mistake. Juniper Ridge RV Resort has large, privately-owned lots for RVs and park models. There are resale lots and homes and even a few new lots still available. There are again lots available for rent, too. The resort is alive and well, and you should learn more about it at It’s one of the most fun communities you’ll find.

  9. Webmaster says


    Contact the campground to find out about renting a park model.

  10. Carol Lee says

    We would like to rent a park model with Arizona room at Voyager Juniper Ridge entire summer of 2010. How do we find out what’s for rent?

  11. alex m shaffer says

    Juniper Ridge resort is not bankrupt. Voyager, which is owned by other investors is. The woman in the front office was not from the J.R. Resort, she was from the Voyager sales office which is closed. Call 1-928-537-4805 and talk to Paul. We are fully up and running and have a great place here.

  12. robin potter says

    It is my understanding that Voyager/Juniper Ridge RV Resorts are now in bankruptcy.
    Truly a shame. We have enjoyed Juniper Ridge as an escape from the valley the last couple of years. This year, all the privately owned spaces are spoken for, and the park owned rental spaces are apparently not available as a result of the bankruptcy.
    What a loss.

  13. Jean Roberts says

    We are from Happy Trails Resort in Surprise AZ and are looking for a lot to rent for a month or two in June and July. Do we rent from an owner? If so how do accomplish this. Please advise ASAP. We have heard nothing but raves about your Park. Of course we would appreciate knowing your rates. Thanks, Jean & Art Roberts

  14. Sharen says

    A comment for “chickenpants”, one suggestion is Rod Heikens at Adventure Realty.

    1. gene mcbride says

      Chickenpants and all others. my wife and I own a lot that we rent lot#290. Call if interested 480 516 7085

  15. Beverly says

    Juniper Ridge is a great RV resort. It is very sad to hear about the front office rudeness. The HOA office which is separate from the front office has a list of lots and park models for rent from individual owners. It is a very fun place to be during the summer months.

  16. Jan says

    I agree wholeheartedly with Keith. It is too bad about the rudeness. The people are really friendly, the activities are fun and plentiful and the weather is (usually) great!

  17. chickenpants says

    Where do the private owners go to broker their lots? I’m looking for a place to go for a month to escape monsoon.

  18. Keith says

    This is a great resort and RV Park. It’s too bad this person had a bad experience with the front desk. FYI, there are plenty of RV Lots in the park that can be rented directly from private owners. I would suggest renting directly from lot owners to avoid a middle man in the future. You’ll love staying at Juniper Ridge.

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