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Rio Verde RV Park – Cottonwood, AZ

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Rio Verde RV Park – Cottonwood, AZ

We stayed at Rio Verde RV Park for 4 nights in May of 2012 and really enjoyed it.

The folks in the office, Helen and LeAnna, were most gracious and helpful. We were in site 55 by the river. It was private, quiet, and very nice. Thanks for the great stay!


  1. I don’t recommend Rio Verde for RV parking. Be careful what credit card you give them. We had reservations for Sun to Sun. Office is closed on Sunday, so we were told to come to the office to pay on Monday, which I commented we wanted to pay cash anyway. They charged our Credit Card on SAT, before we even arrived. The spot we were given was TOO SMALL for our 38 ft RV. My observation is that most of the spaces are a tight squeeze for most RV’s over 30 feet. We moved to an almost adequate sized space for our RV, and informed them via email. Our back end is right up to the edge of the cliff overhang to the ‘river’. The lawn care guy grumbled at us saying we are not supposed to be here. I called the office and the staff member wanted us to move the RV, but we were already settled in. She said she would tell the other reservation for this spot that we like it better and refuse to move. You can count on us to not stay here again. We’ll be checking the other RV parks in the area for next week’s stay!

  2. We stayed at this park for a month minus one day (we could not stand it any longer) and would not recommend this park to anyone. Having been in a family owned campground for over 30 years, volunteering in the industry for 12 years and continuing to work for the past 8 years in the industry, we are accustomed to campers abiding by park rules and staff ensuring everyone is in compliance with those rules. Dogs and cats were permitted to be outdoors and unleashed, roaming on others sites, climbing on vehicles and other personal property, even after bring the issue to the attention of the office staff. Cats are to be litter box trained and kept on leash when outdoors but were allowed to be out, roaming day and night. Staff were seen picking kittens up that were allowed to roam, petting them in the kitten owners presence without rules being addressed.

    Full time residents would walk through others sites hollering for their dogs, most times doing so early in the mornings right under our bedroom window. There is no camper etiquette displayed by these folks. We were very surprised full time residents are not in a separate area from short term visitors.

    In addition, the campground is very noisy being on 89A and we encountered vehicles continually driving into the campground at various times of the night ie: 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM, 4 AM etc.

    Sites are very close together and full time residents sites are cluttered with various furniture and other items.

    We will never return.

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