East Shore RV Park – San Dimas, CA

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East Shore RV Park is one of the most beautiful campgrounds in California or anywhere for that matter. The sites overlook Puddingstone Lake, 2 pools, fishing, and a great place to walk or hike.

But… coyotes and raccoons prey on your small animals. Cats are the preferred meal but they aren’t fussy. Anything that can’t fight back. Coyotes scream all night long. Keep away from F Section. If you don’t specify, that’s where you will be put. There are many permanent residents and not so hot looking RVs. You know the look of a trailer park. The tent campers are in F section. It appears this is where LA comes to spend the weekend and party hearty.

And then there’s the low flying aircraft. If you are bothered by noise, this is not the place for you. These planes fly overhead at all hours of the day and night. There is no control.


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