Friendly RV Park – Weed, CA

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Friendly RV Park is a very cute little campground located near Weed, California. Although it’s a “just the basics” kind of park, they do have laundry facilities and WiFi. The cable is fairly decent, a little over 50 channels.

The park is located within a very short walk of a few restaurants (both “fast food” and “sit down”) and a gas station with a convenience store. The “pull through” spots are in the center of the park, and the configuration is “front and back twosies.” This means, if you are in the front, someone could pull in behind you. If you are in the back, and the front person doesn’t leave when you do, then you have to back out, and can’t “pull through.” (There ought to be a separate category for this, it’s the second time I have seen it!) If you don’t want to be “paired,” then request a perimeter site, which will be “back in.” The perimeter sites have tall pine trees.

This is a great “stopover” place on your way north or south on Interstate 5.


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