Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort – Mt. Shasta, CA

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If you like to camp around very large trees, 2 foot to 4 foot diameter tree trunks, don’t come here! Shasta County city officials had decided to remove all the hundreds of big trees in their campground beginning of last year.

Today, but few remaining large trees in and around the campground have also been marked to be logged and sold. At first, when they began cutting all the big trees down, they claimed it was because of the bark beetle and the drought situation.

When I was there last week I spoke to 10 to 15 different campers and most of them said they probably won’t return because the park is ugly and has no character as it once had before when the large trees were everywhere in and around the campground area.

Lake Siskiyou Camp resort was one of the nicest campgrounds in Northern California because of its original, 150 to 250-year-old pine trees and Douglas fir trees, which have all been removed by Shasta County land management officials in the last six months!


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