Sacramento River RV Park – Redding, CA

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We selected Sacramento River RV Park based on our web research. This was our destination after a long day’s drive and we arrived after dark (and it was too late to find another option).

To our disappointment, the tent area was directly across the river from a lumber mill which operated throughout the night. As sound carries over water, it was as if we had pitched our tent amid forklifts and heavy equipment with the din of the noise in our ears throughout the night.

Also to note, the grass was in desperate need of cutting, and there was rubbish rested in the BBQ. The toilet stall door did not secure and the toilet was loose and wobbly. There was no one at the office when we arrived or when we left the next morning. We did provide a written request for a no charge or a discount, however we were charged in full.

This park should really provide full disclosure on their website about offensive noise levels. This sleepless night will not be soon forgotten and we hope no other tent campers suffer as we did.


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