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My boyfriend was assigned to work in Jawbone Canyon which is about 45 minutes from Sierra Trails RV Park. It was the closest campground to his worksite so we opted to stay there.

Well, on the very first night they parked us next to a giant propane tank in a glorified parking lot outside of the actual park. We moved from this spot when we discovered this was the closest park to the job site and we’d be staying there a while. They gave us this lease to sign which I couldn’t understand very well. There were so many typos and grammatical errors I had to laugh at it.

When we arrived, we had 2 pet rabbits that stayed in the rv with us. When I asked the owner if I could put up a rabbit pen next to our rv (within the boundaries of our particular sight) she told me she wouldn’t have let us stay there had she known we had rabbits! Finally she agreed to let me put it up only to make me take it down a week later because, and I quote, “it looked like ****”. We then had to get them neutered because they cannot get along otherwise, which resulted in one of them dying.

I am a massage therapist and have a massage chair so I put up a little sign in the window of the rv advertising chair massage. I was told to take that down too. In the rules, it states if you put up a shed or fence on their property, it becomes their property and you must obtain permission to take it with you. Doesn’t that seem a little wrong?

The people who lived there full-time were bizarre. I was told later on we were in the meth capital of the world. Not surprised.

We purposely did not sign the lease they gave us for fear they would try to take our security deposit on a technicality.

At the last day of our stay, my boyfriend went to check out and they informed us we were supposed to give them a month’s notice. With his job, he does not know when he will be coming and going so this was not possible.

The owner called him a “punk” and said we were not welcome back. He laughed because we would NEVER stay there again in a million years.

If you have to stay there for a night or two it’s probably not too bad. Just don’t stay there long term.


  1. You can’t be serious. Who the hell want’s to camp next to rabbit cages! …and advertising massage therapy from your campsite? Are you crazy? I would have kicked you out of the campground immediately. On behalf of campers everywhere, THANK YOU Sierra Trails RV Park for kicking these scumbags out.


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