The Redwoods RV Resort – Crescent City, CA

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My wife called and reserved a spot at The Redwoods RV Resort the day before we arrived for a two-night stay. She was given a price of $45. She asked if Verizon service was good. She was told excellent and they also had internet.

We arrived June 2019 at 3:15pm. No one was in the office. A sign on the office said they were at lunch and directed us to take an envelope on the side of the building. There were several envelopes. None with our name on it. As directed, we grabbed one of the envelopes and set up on the site.

Later that afternoon my wife went to the office to complete the paperwork and they said we parked in the wrong spot and asked us to move. When we refused, they proceeded to charge us $55 for each day. $10 more than promised. Since we were already set up my wife said OK and paid the bill. So, they basically did a bait and switch.

Verizon service worked but only as extended and 1X. This gave no data access at all. Verizon service at 1x will only work for voice.

They promised Internet service. Once I connected to the service, the connection would drop every 30 seconds. Totally useless.

The next morning, I tried to go to the office to notify them that I would be leaving, and I wanted a refund. Again, there was nobody in the office. So, I called the number listed on the door and talk to a lady who said she would refund the second night. Then at the end of the conversation she said that she would need to verify with her manager. So, I left without getting a refund. The manager called the next day and told me that would be unlikely would get a refund as the park has a non-refund policy.

They misrepresented themselves, internet, Verizon coverage and amount they charged. Their only response is “NO REFUND POLICY”.

The manager called me back later in the day and said that they will not refund.


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