Lehman’s Lakeside RV Resort – Marengo, IL

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We were seasonal for six years at Lehmans Lakeside RV Pesort. The reason we stayed was wonderful fellow campers.

Our electric never worked on our site. It blew a circuit board on our brand new camper. We got a surge protector and electric fried it. Then we went and purchased a new 300.00 one and that one showed we never were getting enough power to run the 30 amp. Never was it fixed completely and continued to have problems, until this year when we had no power all summer and had to move to another site. We were told it would be fixed, so we were waiting patiently for it to be fixed.

The roads in this campground are horrible. All of them need repair and none of them are getting it. Electric doesn’t work on many sites. There is a mound of asphalt (used) on the area the call the island. Been there three years we were told it was to repair the roads, but has not been moved or used for this at all. As far as I am concerned a health hazard, first for the chemicals, second for the injuries that can happen when kids play on it.

The water is not clean as it used to be. Has so much floating goose poop that you cannot swim in it safely. They advertise free Wi-Fi and cable. However, Wi-Fi and cable does not work. They advertise activities, and this year notified everyone that there will be no activities. They overcharge for electric also. They do not maintain any of the grounds. Signs break and they leave them. Playground breaks and they leave it. Don’t get the site with the nice deck and shed. That is the one we had with no power. I would never recommend this RV Park to anyone. When we moved in six years ago we had high hopes for it and we were told so many things were going to be improved, however nothing was done.


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