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Brooks Mill RV Park is located in Bertram, Texas and is situated between Brooks Mill Road on the north and State Highway 29 on the south. The park is approximately 300 ft wide on the east end and 475 ft wide on the west end. There is a single oval road through the park with parking spaces on either side of the oval. There is an active RR track that borders the south side of the park and runs between the park and State Highway 29.

My wife and I arrived October 15 2017. We had prepaid $125 deposit for electrical use and to hold the site. We charged an additional $240 at our arrival, anticipating a pleasant stay through the end of October. After turning in for the night, we were awakened sometime after midnight by two different freight trains. The noise was extremely loud and my wife experienced a severe panic attack. We had no choice but to leave the following day.

I explained the situation to the park manager (Roxanne) and asked if they would consider refunding our payment less one night’s stay. Roxanne said she would have to check with the owners and get back to me. She did not get back with me. About a week later I called the park and got another person who said they would contact the owner and call me back right away. Never heard back from this person. I called the park on October 29 and got the owner (Kristi). She explained to me that their policy was not to make refunds for any reason; that they were a business and made their money off the reservations. When I raised the train issue, Kristi’s response was that I should have researched this before I booked the reservation.

To be fair, the contract that my wife signed upon our arrival did clearly state that there would be no refunds. This statement also appears on their website. We did receive a credit back of $110 for our deposit against electric usage, but no consideration on the rent payment. This is the first no-refund policy we’ve run into. There is, of course, no mention on their website of trains in close proximity to the park.

If you Google Brooks Mill RV Park and check out the satellite view of the mapped area, you will clearly see the train tracks and the highway. Taking Kristi’s advice to research this, I pass my findings on to you. If you love trains blasting their horns during sleeping hours, then you’ll love this place. You may also be interested to know that there was a 22-car train derailment right in front of the park at about 1:15am on April 19, 2017. You can Google “train derailment in Bertram TX” and several articles with photos will come up.

I found Brooks Mill to be overpriced with narrow parking spaces flanked by lower, somewhat depressed areas. No real place to put out a rug except on the drive in front of or behind your RV. Compared to other RV parks we’ve visited, I would consider this site to be only mediocre. There is also continuous heavy traffic noise from Highway 29.

I would strongly recommend not booking anything more that a one night’s stay before you commit to extended stay at Brooks Mill. $240 for one night was a big bite for us; we will not be back.

Let the buyer beware.


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