Trailer Inns RV Park – Yakima, WA

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I’ve never been so moved to warn people about Trailer Inns RV Park.

My husband and I have stayed in dozens of RV parks. This is by far the worst! It’s located in a horrible part of town, crack heads and druggies walk through. Lean on the fences and shout at you. You have to take dogs outside of the barb wire fence where all of these people pass through. Both street lights are out too. We’ve been here for a month and a half and never have I felt safe.

I’ve complained to management only to be told I’d be charged if I let my dog pee inside the park. The actual park itself is ok, but during all hours of the day and night you’ll hear the mind numbing sound of the brewery next door. I had to start buying sleeping pills. Plus when you walk outside it smells like stale beer.


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