Koch’s Meadow Lake Campground – Tipton, IA

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We were only in for one night, but we’ll always remember this place. The Meadow and Small Lake are a nice scenic break from the miles of surrounding corn. Signs from I-80 are sketchy so finding the place is a challenge. The access roads from the Interstate are not paved. The dust is forever.

Facilities are adequate, although some hook-ups are just plain strange. Our post was filled with an active wasp nest. During the night we heard an alarm clock beeping and found it coming from the cabin next door. I knocked but no one was there. The door was unlocked, so I opened it. The interior of the cabin looked like a crime scene. It was a knee-deep cauldron of party debris from wall to wall. I found the beeping alarm clock, unplugged it, and got out quickly.The owner was a very nice elderly woman. I sat at her kitchen table to sign in and pay the very modest fee. I met some of her cats as I chatted with her, and felt like I was visiting grandma.

All the seasonal campers are very clean. The transient facilities are a bit strange. Most sites are not very level and poorly defined.

I saw a nice little family owned campground that is in need of some loving care. The need for paved roads back to the Highway is quite evident.


  1. Things have changed at Koch’s Meadow Lake Campground. New management has brought a fresh approach. Campground now only has private, annual memberships. No overnights or weekends. No additional fees for fishing and guests. Members can winterize and leave their campers during the Winter months. Seven new campsites that are leveled, graveled and have excellent views of lake and timber. Check out website: http://www.meadowlakeia.com and Facebook for more information.

  2. It’s very expensive to camp per night compared to other area campgrounds… plus you have to pay extra if you want to fish or go swimming. If you catch over the limit on fishing, you have to pay again! Facilities need updated. Elderly woman owns it… very nosy and not very friendly. Much nicer places in the area… keep on driving.

    • Seemed like a bit of Heaven, then it dawned on us that we were in for a long night. Electric would go on and off, so we gave up on trying to run the A/C. The water was like lake water ran through a rag a half dozen times. Seriously… right out of the 50’s as far as up-keep. Sewer was a barrel under our camper and I think it was full. Lots of things were extra $$$. Had a couple from Stanwood visit us. That was $5.00 a person extra. I wanted to fish and we watched the elderly woman “watch us” as I fished. She warned us if my friend touched the pole, he had to pay $5.00. All in all it’s a beautiful meadow and lake, but that you can see in pictures. Even a can of pop cost so much I should have taken it back when we saw it was 3 months out of date. Wow… talk about tight and nosey.

      • Want to follow up on first comment. It is a peaceful place. The place just has a person who seems “fine in her place and is not spending any $$$ on camping sites to level or up grade. Just do what you want and no extras. Make sure your camper windows are closed tight for the 5 miles of gravel dust.


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