Gig Harbor RV Resort – Gig Harbor, WA


Gig Harbor RV Resort has 95 RV spots and a few tent spots is squeezed in a small area on a hillside, but it’s surrounded by lots of pine trees, with the pine smell being quite fragrant! You will feel like you are in a state park!

One reviewer indicated that the trees interfered with satellite dishes. If this is the case, the park does have good cable, about 70 channels. However, be sure you bring an extra five feet of cable wire, just in case. In my particular spot, my 25 foot cable wire was too short. I had to add an extension because the cable hookup was located close to the front of the spot. Twelve of the sites are “pull-through” and some had an interesting arrangement. There were hookups on both sides, although only one RV could fit. If you pulled in from one direction, you were in, say, “Spot 23.” But if you pulled into the exact same spot from the opposite side, you were in, say, “Spot 24.” The gravel spots are somewhat close together, but not bad. The spots are terraced in most places except for the remote section up the hill to the back of the park. The spot that I had was quite level, even with my slides out.

The park does not have wireless, but they do have a modem room in the clubhouse. You get 24 hour access to the modem room with a code. The laundry room was reasonably priced and also has a great deep sink! The laundry room and rest rooms were fairly clean. The best thing was that the clubroom was adjacent to the laundry, so you can relax on a comfy couch and read or watch TV instead of being stuck watching the laundry. However, since this park is on a hill, if you have mobility issues and are in a spot at the top of the hill, it’s a “hike” down to the laundry area. The clubroom also has a pay phone if you don’t have a cell with you.

The park has a propane station, but the location near the entrance is a pain. You pull in, and after you get propane, you have to back away, down the entrance way. There is a bar and a Mexican restaurant within a short walk from the park. Also, about two blocks down is an Eagles Lodge for anyone who is a member.

One more thing: I managed to get in this park without a reservation on December 28 in order to stay five days, but I was quite surprised at how busy they were for it being winter! When I came in, there were only four spots available! I’m not sure whether this was due to permanent residents or to just lots of guests passing through. However, I am grateful to the hosts for not pressuring me into a reservation, and they graciously accommodated my initial request for two nights, and then I extended three more nights.


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