Maryhill State Park – Goldendale, WA


Maryhill is a very nice state park along the Columbia River with 20, 30, and 50 amp service and sewer hookup in the utility sites. In the winter, it’s a good spot to overnight only, as it is somewhat bleak and cold. The utility spots, which are on gravel, have both pull-through and back-in. The pull-through spots are on the outer edge of the loop. The pull-through spots are “arc’d” in a half circle; however, it’s a wide arc, so you can easily “bend” your RV around it. Some of the pull-through spots have a great view of the river! The back-in spots are in the center of the loop. The camping spots, including the standard, each have a picnic table and a fire pit and have great spacing so you aren’t right next to your neighbor.

Regarding television reception, unless you are carrying a satellite, television will be an educational and cultural experience as the only channel you can pull in via antenna will be an Oregon PBS station. Also, if you are here when there aren’t a lot of people (such as winter), you will hear both trains. One runs behind SR-14 on one side of the park, and the other runs on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. Also, during the winter, the state parks in Washington usually shut off the water at each site and the only water available is at a potable water fill up at the park dump station. I knew about this because I had called the park in advance and inquired. However, during my stay, I didn’t see any signs mentioning this.


  1. Everything JJandCP have stated is correct. However on our trip (July 2009) we noticed a few things not mentioned. While there was plenty of room between sites, we didn’t notice any clearly defined paths to restrooms, river etc. Therefore, we had people walking through our site constantly. And not just through the site, but between the rv and the picnic table!!! – I know this isn’t the fault of the campsite, but felt it was worth noting.

    Also, the showers are $.50 per 3 minutes and it took almost 6 minutes for the hot water to come on.

    I will not return.

    Just my two cents.


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