Millersylvania State Park – Olympia, WA


Millersylvania State Park is located south of Olympia, WA. There are 120 tent spaces and 48 utility spaces. The utility spaces do not have sewer… there is one “community” sewer dump for the whole park.

The maximum campsite length is 60 feet. Standard campsites (tents) are restricted to 35 feet, due to the park’s tight, narrow roadways in the standard campsite section. Most of the utility spots at this state park are on paved asphalt pads. The paved pads, which are relatively level, are all “out in the open.” There are a few utility spots among the trees, but those are on gravel/dirt. The “standard” spots are on dirt among the trees. Although the utility sites don’t have a “defined” tent area, you could squeeze a very small tent in.

This state park specifically has a rule that allows only one RV/trailer per spot. I don’t know if this applies to tents. Each camping spot (to include the “standard” spots) has a fire ring and picnic table. The picnic tables appear to be made from recycled material that is pretty rugged and long lasting. To use the restrooms/shower area, you need tokens to get in the door.

At state parks, I usually use my own facilities, so I didn’t check the conditions of the restrooms and showers. Television reception is fuzzy via antenna if you don’t have a satellite, even if you have an HDTV. There is a pay phone available if your cell phone doesn’t get a signal.

During the winter, the water faucets are winterized and not available for use. During winter, the only place to get potable water is near the RV dump station.


  1. I found a Millersylvania Park Centennial coin and was wondering if you could tell me anything about it and what it is made of.

  2. During the mid-1940s, I remember playing there. I think I recall peacocks in the area – seeing them and hearing their call. Was that ever the case – are there any still there?

  3. I love this place, I use to go there every summer as a child and have great memories. I now live in PA, and am planning a trip home next summer and of course I will be taking my kids there.


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