Oak Lake Campground – Kennick, MN

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Oak Lake Campground is in Kerrick, Minnesota. This is not a great campground but it did have some redeeming qualities.

This campground proved to be an excellent proving ground for my new Superwinch Talon 18.0. This winch made quick work of dragging my 33-foot travel trailer out of the mud pit… campsite. It is a cozy little campground. I was able to extended my roasting fork, tipped with a Johnsonville brat, out the window of our RV to roast my brat to golden perfection over the neighbor’s campfire.

It also boasts free entertainment. Drunks race around the too narrow roads of the campground trying to avoid old ladies and occasionally meeting a moving tree head-on. Think of Death Race 2000 with golf carts.


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