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Flat Rock Bridge Family Resort – Lebanon, ME

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My family has spent some time at Flat Rock Bridge Family Resort. The new owners are awesome! They have done wonders so far. They have upgraded much of the campground and have plans on doing much more! This is a very warm family type campground.

This campground has many things for the kids to do. My son played checkers with a staff member for an entire afternoon! They have a free 350 foot waterslide that is always a hit with my kids. Try Flat Rock Bridge Family Resort and you will be very impressed with the new owners!

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  1. I understand your exciement when the new owners tookk over. This campground was a bit to roudy and alot more drinking than most families would like. When I firststarted going ther 10 years ago it was always packed on Labor Day. This year 2/3 full at most. Go to a place where the staff seems like they want you, Wild Acres, Baileys ect.

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