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Country Haven Campground – New Holland, PA


Country Haven Campground has an absolutely beautiful vista of Amish farmland from most sites in this quiet campground. The facilities are excellent with 20/30/50 amp electirc, water, sewer and free cable available. They have excellent showers and rest rooms, and a nice laundry.

The park has excellent paved roads, and level, gravel sites. The sites are mostly back-ins with several pull throughs. The campground is centrally located to all Lancaster County attractions. There are no planned activities at this campground… it’s just a great place to relax and to use as a base to visit this beautiful area.

  1. Nick Amore says

    We’ve stayed there many times…no more. The owners are rude and condescending. I’ve never met such campground owners in my life. The location is beautiful – the owners are not.

  2. Andy says

    We stayed there our first, and last time. When I called to make a reservation they just became KOA campground (assuming they did this to help with advertising?). They were very short/rude to me on the phone – I explained there are several of us coming together and wanted sites together – which they quickly told us they could not guarantee we would be together (very odd for a campground). I requested a particular row of sites – which they quickly said we could not request sites, and they would place us wherever they had openings – again – back to “I am coming with friends and we want to be together”. I should have know at that moment to not make a reservation and go somewhere else. The rest of our group called and made reservations with the same un-friendly attitude and lack of customer service.

    On their website they state they have an early check-in, and you pay a $20 fee. while I do not agree with this — I understand their policy so called to see how if our site would be free/available, and what time we could check-in (thinking maybe 10 or 11) AM – I was rudely told that this policy is no longer, and check-in is 2 PM, and no earlier, and they basically hung up on me. I actually called KOA Corporate and filed a complaint with them as one of their franchisee’ false advertising. We did check in after 2 PM, and the lady (Bonnie) at the desk was rude, short with me, and again when I asked what sites our friends would be on she basically would not tell me, and told me to go to my site.

    Additionally, their “free wifi” was never available/turned on, their cable channels did not work, their office hours were not as posted (we witnessed folks trying to check-in only to be greeted by a locked office door), and the guy who acts as “mayor” of the campground rides around in his golf cart telling people what they are doing wrong. Their gate card at the entrance did not work properly, and when “pushed the button for help” we were rudely told by the owners that we basically were not smart enough to operate the gate.

    You can tell they are doing “just enough” to get by as a KOA (very chinsey playground, small dog area), no pool, very little shaded sites, no activities for guests, nothing for kids to do, bathrooms are very dated, and the customer service – NOT what you expect at a family campground at all.

    In short — go to one of the other many Lancaster, PA campgrounds – these owners are not “people pleasers” and clearly do not enjoy the camping experience. They should be ashamed to have the KOA name attached to their campground (which used to be called Country Haven), too many rules and being watched all the time for a lapse in the rules is not very relaxing and some of the rules are absolutely ridiculous. We are adults and do not need to be condescended to or treated like children.

  3. Dan says

    Nice campground if you don’t have dogs. We had no real issues, except for the constant worry about our dogs barking. For the most part my dogs are extremely quiet, you just never know when a dog, any dog, is going to bark at a passing person,dog, or vehicle. We had friends who wanted to camp with us, but refused after reading the reviews. I don’t blame them, who wants to be thrown out of a campground on a holiday weekend just because their dogs barks. And that is clearly stated in the whole page dog rules you have to sign.

    To confuse things even more they put in an fenced in area for dogs to be off leash. Something a lot of campgrounds should consider. Thank you. This is a really nice addition provided you dog can play without barking.

    I guess my advice to the owners is this, you have a really nice campground just relax about the dogs. And consider changing the wording to “excessive barking is grounds for eviction without refund”.

  4. David says

    This was our favorite campground when Joel and his family owned it. My wife and I enjoyed many vacations there and always felt welcome.

    The last time we were there with the new owners, I feel that we were treated rudely from the time we pulled in. We didn’t feel welcomed. One day we were sitting under our awning tring to enjoy the afternoon when one of the owners passed by us on a lawn mower and blew grass all over our feet and legs. (Just to mention one event.)

    I normally don’t give negative reviews but in this case I had to say something.

  5. Mary says

    I’d like to echo Jerry’s comments above. We stayed at Country Haven a couple of years ago, and really didn’t like the fact that we had to worry the entire time that our two toy poodles might bark. It is, however, a lovely park, no real amenities but that is not something we look for. Because of the obvious bias against dog owners, however, we much prefer Country Acres nearby — a beautiful campground with pleasant, accommodating owners and staff, where pets are obviously welcome.

  6. Ray says

    We stayed here for many years prior to the new owner. You need to check out all the rating sites online. In my opinion this is not the campground it use to be! I recommend that you try some of the other campgrounds in the area.

  7. Jerry says

    The owners are friendly and helpful. Very nice people. Excellent campground. Beautiful view. The owner helped us back up and was extraordinarily helpful in doing so.

    As we were packing up to leave after our stay, our puppy barked for the first time because I had left it with my wife so I could walk to the office to return a gate pass. The office was still closed, but it was only about a 5 minute walk away. By the time I had gotten back to the site, an owner had already visited the site to admonish my wife about the dog.

    The campground does have campers sign a document stating they have read the one full page of dog rules and, if you break the rules, you may be asked to leave without a refund. One rule clearly states, “They are not allowed to bark. No excuses.”

    If you have a dog that might bark — even one incident — find a different campground.

  8. willis glidden says

    This was our favorite campground for over 20 years but we don’t like the new owners and we will never go back there. They are always trying to enforce the rules. We felt like they were running a prison camp.

    1. Andy says

      Agreed. We just stayed there and the owners are the most unfriendly campground folks we have ever met. We will never go back.

  9. demoon says

    Glad to hear you wont be there when we return. This is a gross exageration of reality. The new owners are extremely friendly and helpful. We have stayed at Country Haven for two weeks at a time and never once were we spoken to about our dog, who does on occasion bark. Normal family conversations are the norm at this park and I think this is what the owners mean by “the quiet one.” It is what it is – a delightful, scenic, quiet place with excellent hookups, and centrally located in the center of Amish country.
    For those of us who are not looking for on site activities it is perfect. Woodalls and Trailer Life both make it very clear that there ARE no activities, no pool, just a place to relax and use as a base to explore this delightful area of our contry. I suggest the previous author try one of the many other “activity” oriented campgrounds in Lancaster County. Actually there is one just up the road from Country Haven.

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