Cold Springs Camp Resort – Weare, NH

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Cold Springs campground is an absolute zoo! I’m not sure what it’s like here in the off season, but if you camp here in the summer be forewarned.

During our stay we tolerated dozens of unsupervised screaming kids running wild throughout the campground. Children continously ran through our campsite during the day and into the night. Even adults would shortcut thru our site while we were sitting there. Cars, trucks, (unmuffled) motorcycles and golf carts zip through the campground well above the posted speed limits. If your’e the type that likes to take a casual walk around the campground, you’ll spend most of your time looking over your shoulder and  jumping out of the way of vehicles.

At night expect loud music, drinking and foul language. It appears that this campground is a magnet for that type of camper. While quiet hours are posted, it looks like the word “quiet” is open to interpretation.

They do have quite a few amenities, but it’s so crowded you really never get a chance to enjoy them. The bathrooms and showers are not very well maintained. I’m not sure it’s really the fault of the campground as much as it is of inconsiderate campers.

We endured a summer weekend here. We almost left a day early, but we paid so much for our site we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.


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