Black Bear Campground – Florida, NY

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We had two weeks planned at his park, but it is just awful. To start the sites are very un-level. My surge protector wouldn’t turn on because the power at our first site fluctuated. Also the water pressure was too low to hose things down. On top of that, the park uses no insecticides to control bugs in the park and we literally had millions of carpenter ants descend on our campsite and RV (we own a very unique and restored 1986 Airstream 345) It took me 8 hours to hose off the bugs, find some bug spray and move sites. No one from the park office helped me move or clear the insects, nor did they provide me with bug spay or anything to kill the bugs that may have gotten into the walls and components of my rig, never mind the ones covering my AC units and vents. We also had dozens of stink bugs we’ve had to deal with. A neighbor said she had had the same problems.

When I moved to a second site and kicked on the power ants came pouring out of the receptacles. After we got settled we had two trailers pull in next to us, one in the wrong direction so they’re facing each other. They are chain smokers with the smell wafting into our rig day and night. This morning I woke up to find they had hung a huge TRUMP: Make America Great Again flag in view of our site. Most parks allow only American flags, so I called down to the office and complained. I was essentially told that my opinion was political and the flag did not offend the mangers point of view. Then the lawn mowers started on Saturday at 9am and I had to ask the mowers stay away because rocks were kicking up, hitting my rig leaving small dings.

I’ve had to have Orkin come fumigate my rig, which means we have to get a hotel tonight. The manager of the park would not offer to have his people help us move sites or pay to eradicate the bugs from my rig. This is the worst Park we have ever been in. We are moving on early, so we don’t have to continue dealing with this.


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