King Phillips Campground – Lake George, NY

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As my wife, son and I excitedly arrived to King Phillips Campground for our first time there to join our parents for the Labor Day weekend.

We were checked in for a site that was not our original reservation. Even the manager rolled his eyes in question the newly assigned site. On July 6th, I had been told I would be placed in section “C” over the phone after being asked if I wanted a sunny or a shady site and also after I had described to this woman that I drove a Freightliner truck and had a 40’ 5th wheel camper.

As I approached where we were being directed to, and also my parents questioning as to why we weren’t in the section that even THEY were told we were going to be in 7 hours earlier, I was still trying to follow the lead of the parking escort who guaranteed me there would be no issues fitting into the new site. I proceeded to try to park in the spot just as directed by the parking escort when my truck and trailer began to slide backwards down the road into a tree.

After backing down the road and going to the office to tell them what had happened, they offered me another site that would involve me having to drive down the same steep slippery hill. I declined and asked about being placed in the section “C” we were supposed to be in all along that now had a 36’ Motorhome in it. Also, the 2 sites next to it were empty. I was told they could not move the people soon to arrive from these empty sites. Even though they had NO issues moving us! This left us no option other than to drive 2 ½ hours back home and leave our family members behind, ruining our family camping weekend.

After numerous attempts to contact the owner, Mike Spaulding, he finally returned my call 24 hours after this all occurred. This is NOT the behavior of a professional business owner. He obviously did not even care this happened to us and offers no resolution for damages created by his staff and facility. He also told me of their policy, that they have the right to move first time visitors regardless of their requests or camper size to accommodate repeat customers. This policy was never explained to me when making my reservation nor is it made available to the public in any way.

Our recommendation is to NOT visit this campground EVER!


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