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Mayfair Campground – Blossvale, NY


This is a very beautiful and clean campground, but be prepared for “The Rules” as the owner will ask you if you reviewed them and know them at least daily on your stay. Although they have a recreation hall, they don’t appear to cater to children.

This campground is excellent for self contained RVs, but does not have amenities close to tent sites. It has one shower house, which is quite clean (and free), but it is located at the front of the park. A long walk from most sites. If you have children, this is not the place for you, but if you are alone, and don’t mind the owner coming up to you SEVERAL times a day you will be ok. For example: If there is an empty space next to you, the owner frowns on you playing games in that spot.

Great retirement area, I guess. No noise after 11pm… and I believe he wants fires out by then also. For some this would be an ideal campground, for others, be aware of “THE RULES”.

  1. Ryan Gates says

    New owners… The old man is no longer there. Great place. This will be my families 2nd full season there.

  2. draecus says

    I agree with the person who stated that the campground is pretty but you have to suffer thru the antagonisms of the proprietors. What they disliked was not in the rules and they seemed to make up rules as the week went by. They stand over you while you park your RV or camper. They didn’t allow us to have anything on the ground in front of our front step. They charged our family when they came to visit us one evening. They only put out 5 or 6 paper towels in the bathroom and expected that to last for the day amongst all the campers who visited the bathroom. I will never go back to this park ever!

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