Medina / Wildwood Lake KOA – Medina, NY

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In my opinion, Medina / Wildwood Lake KOA is awful.

We arrived after 6 hours of driving. Went to our site and there was a very angry yellow jackets nest. We asked for another site and were told no and we can get our money back! We had no where to stay! I explained to the owner ROB that I was allergic and staying at this site was not an option… he did not care!

I asked him to come with me to see the nest – he blurts out he will not go near the site because he is allergic! Wait, you want me to go but you can’t! He said he has been treating it! Which is true, dead yellow jackets all around & the smell of RAID was disgusting!

It was our 25th wedding anniversary so ROB wasn’t going to ruin it totally. We went to a hotel… I would not recommend this KOA, mainly because of how we were treated but also there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done! Looking kind of worn out!


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