Penns Creek Campground – Millmont, PA

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Unfortunately I had to cancel my reservation last minute due to a medical emergency. I had to leave a message on voicemail to cancel my reservation. I truly was looking forward to going to this campground because of all the wonderful reviews about it being very relaxing and being by water.

Jason returned my call and informed me that none of my money would be returned because I canceled last minute. I informed Jason again that it was a medical emergency and I can forward a doctors letter if need be. Jason told me not to bother he said if he made an exception for me he would have to make an exception for all.

In life medical emergencies happen. People get sick and people get hurt. I understand the rules set forth but there should be exceptions for medical emergencies.

I would never recommend making going to Penns Creek campground.

You would think that coming off of such a horrible year that there would be some compassion and some understanding but not at Penns Creek Campground. Stay away from this place.


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