Running Bear Camping Area – Ascutney, VT

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Running Bear is an small campground located in central Vermont near the Connecticut River. It appears to be an older campground and most of the facilities reflect that. Interior roads are gravel and the sites are on the small side. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a larger RV here, the roads and sites are simply too narrow and tight to be able to get around much less extend your awning or pullouts.

The campground is family-owned and they were friendly and accommodating. Facilities are clean, however they’ve seen better days. Hopefully, they will make some improvements. There also seem to be lots of seasonal campers, which may be a turn-off for some looking to get away. It’s a little difficult to get into vacation mode when you’ve got seasonal scenery all around you.

The location is near several ski areas and plenty of typical scenic Vermont country roads to explore.There are amenities and activities in season for the kids too.


  1. Great family camping with tons of fun events and activities. The new owners have done a great job saving what was once a dying campground. I have camped there over the last 5 years since the Girards have owned it, and the difference is night and day. Tons of activities for kids, so I also got plenty of my own peace and relaxation. Definitely a place to check out!


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