Admiralty RV Resort – San Antonio, TX


We stayed at Admiralty RV Resort several times in the past and it was really nice. I feel they have gone down hill since then. We had a reservation in June.

They now use extremely strong air fresheners & chemicals in ALL their buildings. (I’m very chemically sensitive.) They informed us that only one bath house was open only after they had taken our payment for the stay, and didn’t bother to tell us that the air conditioner in the open rest room wasn’t working or that people smoked in it.

They required that we park the trailer on one end of the pad or the other; in the middle wasn’t allowed,  so our sewer wouldn’t reach. We did plug into electricity for 45 min-1hr for our grandkids, at the urging of a park worker. We talked to the assisitant manager who said she understood our problem, as she has a relative who can’t be around perfume. She promised us a full refund and put it in writing on our receipt and said it had to be paid out by the manager. The manager put us off for several days, then told us they sent the refund check to our house. When it came, it was shorted $46.60. One night’s stay and a partial cancellation and credit card fee, and we didn’t even use a credit card to pay.

I would suggest you go to Blazing Star, down the street, or Traveler’s World , a little closer to town.


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