Suntree RV Park – Post Falls ID

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This park is located in Post Falls, Idaho. The good news is… this RV Park is located within a brisk walking distance to an outlet mall, and is right next to Flying J Travel Plaza (where you can get propane!).

The bad news is… if you come here during the spring, it will take you forever to shake the mud off your shoes and it will take you forever to vacuum it up from your RV floor! The park is on a combo gravel/dirt area. The RV pads are gravel/dirt, with a picnic table at each site. The picnic table is on a barked area, and that is part of the “stuff” you will be shaking off your shoes if you go in the Spring. This park has decent wireless for your internet use. Connection posts are 30 amp service. No cable TV, but there is a good selection of network channels, to include the “ION” channel. The park is located near I-90. If you are at the end near the freeway, you will get road noise all night. The other end was quiet during my stay.

The women’s rest room/shower had washers and dryers. According to the park map, the men’s restroom/shower also had washers and dryers, but I didn’t verify whether or not they were actually there! There is a swimming pool, but it was too early for it to be open when I stayed there.

Good place to overnight while on your way to somewhere….


  1. Where to start? The dirty pool, the neighbor’s sewage that they ‘couldn’t afford to fix’ after asked about it, or the drug overdose?

    The pool. Although it sounds nice to be able to swim, go to the river instead. Be careful. I’d rather swim in a stagnant pond than that pool. Their ‘hot tub’ is one that you might have in your backyard- just as dirty as the pool.

    The east end of the park requires a concealed carry permit if you expect to walk the entire length of it. Dilapidated trailers with tenants to match- everything tapped and boarded up, trailers without doors, junk everywhere, and the smell of a transfer station – and I’m not necessarily one to judge a book by it’s cover, but when the ambulance and fire truck show up for a drug overdose, you just have to call a frog a frog. I can’t believe DSHS didn’t make it through while we were there.

    The sewage smell. One of the neighbors had a sewer leak but claimed it was their grey tank & they couldn’t afford to fix it. The maintenance man had crawled under & saw toilet paper hanging out of a cracked pipe, so unless someone is pooping in their shower… They were told they had 24 hours to fix it or vacate but the 24 hours had came and gone but the smell and the tenant stayed.

    The owner/manager’s dog is usually fenced up outside of the office. Unfortunately, it doesn’t like to be fenced up and was loose on a regular basis. The dog was jumping on motorcoaches, trying to get inside of them (enough times to see it happen, grab a camera, and snap a picture). I would venture to guess that this would be frowned upon by most campers.

    All in all, I’ll never stay here again. We made a judgement call based on the Good Sam ratings and obviously made a mistake. I would encourage anyone wanting to stay in Post Falls to head to the Wal Mart parking lot a mile up the road.


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